Fake profiles and photos.

FakeSuch approach is used by scammers who want to sell you unreal lady’s information. They create fake profiles and fill them with photos of models or unknown beautiful women. Usually they can be found on the sites that operate on payments by men per letter (for example, per sending and reading each). When you write a letter on such site, it is translated to a lady, and then she gives her answer that is also translated back and forwarded to you. The site keeps commission for such services. When you communicate with a fake lady for long enough and buy her direct contact information, it turns to be wrong and not working, and you never can get in touch with this girl again. Luckily, nowadays such sites changed their policy and are more severe to accepting new members. They check and verify each lady before registration and in some rare cases may check correspondence for fighting with scamming.


Don’t use free websites. They are full of fake profiles. If you want to check if your lady is real, you may simply ask her to send you not-studio photos from real life. Or you may ask her to give her home address and send a gift through independent delivery company that will give you a photo report of successful picking up of your gift.

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