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Comments by Dylan Wilson on 5/27/2016

I am proud to use this site and I hope it stops all crimes.


Comments by Jonathan on 5/19/2016

Luckily, I found this site…I’ve been getting a few e-mails from beautiful russian girls wanting to correspond with me because they like my structure? Anyhow, I feel a couple of them were scammers like “ulia sichova” from kazan…I could be wrong, but, I went over the list of warning signs and she fit the profile to a “T” Well, good luck everybody else…be safe or be sorry!! Oh, yeah…if I think of anyone else I suspect or remember…I’ll post it here…m.claw…U.S.A

United States

Comments by Cooper on 4/23/2016

Thanks for warning others about fraudster Yana (known as “Yanochka” on the Russian Cupid dating website). With the help of others might be saved from lots of heartache and stolen money. Keep up the good work in exposing these criminals!


Comments by Riley on 3/17/2016

Thank you some much for making this website, i have looked at these women and found at least 3 that i have talk to in the past year and now i can see that what i though about them was true. I have one that i have been talking to and i dont know if she is a scammer or not but something is not right with the things she says. Again thank you for this site.


Comments by Joshua on 3/03/2016

I have been talking to this woman from russia just found out she is on this site want to know if i should keep talking to her ? been talking to her for 5 and half months now been worked out of alot of money dont know what to do next?? i talk to her every day so i am confused to what to do next ? thanks for any help.

United States

Comments by Oliver Harris on 11/02/2016

I’m Glad i discovered this site. Added to my bookmark!