You have all chances to successfully find your true love on the Internet.

When you meet someone new in real or virtual life, you always have some inner cautiousness that can help you to define if this person is good or bad. However, you shouldn’t automatically treat everyone on the Internet as frauds trying to lie to you. You just need to use the following tips that can help you start your online communication successfully and not to face scammers.

Always Think with Your Head

1. Online communication is similar to the real life, and people in both cases may try to play some role which doesn’t coincide with reality. Try to think with clear head when you talk to someone. The first shot is when you notice facts that don’t match each other or when a person says things contrary to your previous conversations. If this happens during the phone call and you have some suspicions on the situation, better stop this talk. If a person makes you feel uncomfortable during the real meeting, you should leave as soon as possible.

2. Always pay attention to the following warning signals that may appear when you have only started communication with a person. Be careful with those who:

  • In all possible ways ask you to leave the site and talk somewhere else on other services;

  • Persuade you that you are destined for each other even if you have only started your communication and it lasts one day;

  • Try to ask you for some financial help or for different help before you have met in person;

  • Make attempts to involve you into personal money issues, such as shipping merchandise or depositing funds;

  • Force the development of relations faster than you would like to;

  • Have lots of unexpected personal and family problems and constantly ask you for financial help in solving them.

You should be especially careful with those people whose insisting becomes more aggressive. They may:

  • Ask weird questions;

  • Ask your physical address upon the pretext of coming to you or sending some gift;

  • Tell you illogical or tearful stories;

  • Not give you clear answer to your questions;

  • Not want to agree with your principles;

  • Always complain on life and think that others are guilty in all troubles;

  • Try to move relations forward to some indecent level against your will;

  • Tell stories about recent loss of a husband;

  • Vanish from the site with no warning but come back soon with a new name.

Don’t hurry up

  • Communication on the Internet differs from the one in real life. It is more comfortable and you usually feel that you get closer with a person faster. However, we advise you not to hurry up and to know each other better.

  • If you want to your date turn into successful long-lasting relationship, you should experience together lots of different things. You should give time to everything and have as many experiences as possible. In this way you will know another person better and will manage to avoid surprises, for example, in character. Daily routine will help you the best in this case. Even if you live far from each other, try to think about moving closer. It is better to stay apart for some time and only then begin co-residence. Everyday life will help you to success in your relations.


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This may sound strange, but the Russian lady can make you immortal. And she can do this in a really simple way.

To begin with, the Slavic woman is looking for mutual love and understanding. Actually, there is nothing else that may interest her in a man. He should be her knight ready help support her, and in return she can present him the best gift in the world – a child. This child being the result of true love will become your inheritance in this world. And you can be sure that you will leave something nice after you.

Ukrainian and Russian ladies are family-oriented, so all of them are interested in creating the full family. And according to Slavic values, a family is not full without a child, or even two!



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