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This site, AntiScamInfo, was created to protect you. Our main goal is to deliver you as much information as possible on the issue of scamming in International dating services. In future we will offer you a list of those ladies who are the well-known Ukrainian and Russian scammers and of agencies who have been noticed leading illegal activities and cheating on men from all over the world. Also here you can find tips on detecting and avoiding scammers.

Sadly to say that many agencies and sites that are specialized on International dating sometimes unwillingly meet with scamming. As a result, the general distrust in this field develops and men no longer trust dating on the Internet with Ukrainian and Russian ladies.

The truth is that no matter how hardly these scammers are trying to get foreign men and cheat on them, true Slavic women remain honest and sincere. They will never try to get some financial benefit on a man they have relation with of find the way to get money from him and leave with nothing after this. We hope that the small amount of scammers on International dating sites will not overshadow these wonderful women.

Ladies from Slavic countries are often referred as scammers automatically. When a man hears about someone from Ukraine or Russia, he thinks that he will not meet true love here and will probably be cheated on and lose his money, as some of them have already come up against such situation.

Even the most reliable marriage agency may face a scammer. There is the standard procedure of women’s registration in such agencies. First of all, a lady is interviewed personally in an office. She has to bring her passport so that employees of the agency could check her first and last name, her age, children and marital status. If everything is fine, a lady is registered in this agency. After this, she starts looking for her couple, and she usually has a translator who helps her in this and an operator. These personnel checks if there are any requests on money made from a lady to a man. If something unfair is noticed, this lady is immediately removed from the site and database of the agency. The only exception can be made for requests on travel expenses if you yourself have asked a lady to come to your city, because such travel is usually impossible for a Slavic woman.

Agencies accept only those ladies who are interested in a search of a husband living abroad. Usually they don’t reveal their true reasons for this choice, but the only thing that is interesting for them is finding their half no matter what and no matter where. Why didn’t they manage to find a man at home? And why didn’t you manage to find a woman somewhere closer?