Date before Marriage!

Date before Marriage

No matter how much you love your lady from one of the popular dating sites, you will one day visit her and want to may her! However, recent researches showed that before doing this you will have to date for at least a while, and there are good reasons for such decision.

So, scientists came to the conclusion that before marriage you should date for at least two years! Many couples can spend too much time on dates, and as a result their flame reduces while others get into this matter too early when they don’t know each other well, and thus their marriage falls apart leaving broken hearts and destinies.

You lady Helena agrees with this time period of two years. There is a Russian saying that you can get to know a person when you eat a pood of salt together. Pood is equal to 16 kilos. And this amount can be eaten exactly in two years! So, folk wisdom knew about the time for marriage even before all these scientists and researches.

Two years can give you enough time for knowing all aspects of personality of your partner. What is more important, this time will be perfect for defying – is it true love or just temporal affection which made your head go round. Some people confuse these two feelings. Unfortunately, relations based only on passion burn out really fast, and there is nothing left after it to keep relations work. On the other hand, true love will always live with you making you not only the best partners but also the best friends.

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