Travelling and Visa scenarios.

TRAVELLING1. Lady wants to come to you.

This scenario is one of the most expensive. It is usually chosen by scammers who are ready to communicate with you for really long enough. Your correspondence is regular, and letters from her are detailed and very private. You start thinking that you know the person from the other side of the monitor well, and she is always very romantic towards you. At some moment she tells that she got vacation for 1 or 2 weeks, and what is even better – she can come to you. She either managed to get a cheap ticket or her friend or relatives can help her in this. But there will be a problem – her international passport will expire right before the travel, and she will need the new one. And here she will start asking for your money. Such unique possibility can’t be missed, and everything should be done fast, so it will be expensive. But unfortunately she will never come. If you send her money, she will either disappear or keep on asking for money, as there will be lots of problems and issues. She may need to go to another city to get visa and to live there, she may have some general problems with documents. She may suddenly lose the possibility to buy cheap tickets and they will turn to be expensive. And all this way long she will insist that she is almost coming. As soon as you stop sending her money, this scammer will disappear.


You are the one who should come to the lady’s country. Don’t invite her to your place, better say that you are going to visit her. This will be much cheaper for you.

2. You decided to come to her.

This scenario is not too widespread, as it is not profitable for the scammers. It can be implemented if after a few letters you say that you want to visit her. Of course a scammer will accept this knew with excitement and will offer help. Here will some problems start. For example, to book a room in hotel you will have to pay a big sum in advance, which she will ask you to send. Or she will say that is ready to organize everything like meeting you, taxi, hotel, translator etc. but when again you give her money on that, she will disappear. And there will be no way to get money back or find the scammer, and you usually will have only the name, e-mail and in rare cases postal address where this person doesn’t actually live.


If you really want to come, contact the lady’s agency with this issue. For solving travel questions, find a reliable travel agency that will find you tickets and will book you a hotel room. Dating and marriage agencies will also help you in this, as they are ready to assist in your wish to meet a lady and will do everything to make your staying in another country comfortable.

3. You decided to travel to your lady but stayed not in her city.

You may come to her country but stay in a big city. In this case you will invite her to come, and she in return will ask to cover her expenses on the road. When you do this, she will never show up or she may ask for additional sum of money and then say that there are million issues that didn’t let her come to you.


This issue can also be solved through dating of travel agency. The second one will help a lady buy a ticket, or you may do this yourself, but in this case woman’s passport will be needed. Of course, you can send her money directly on this, but first check on the internet how much does the ticket really costs. If the sum matched the one she named, this is good. Otherwise you may offer her to pay for her travel when you meet, afterwards.

4. A woman claims that there is a travel agency that will help her to get visa for coming to you. See P.1 above.

Such situation will also require your financial help. You will yield to this trick because you will think that everything is done through the agency with official e-mail, employee who answers all your questions and maybe even the real website. But when you transfer them money, both agency and woman will vanish.


Find this agency on the Internet. If you can’t do this, you may refer the lady’s dating agency and ask for help. Usually travel sites are in Russia, but all of them have e-mail and phone number, so if you contact them directly, they will provide you with all necessary information. In any case you should better come by yourself rather than risk and send money.
Slavic ladies can’t get the visa to the USA very easily. It is most possible that they will get it to some European country, but not there. The easiest way for the Slavic lady is to get tourist visa to Egypt, Turkey or UAE or into the country where you get visa after landing, right in the airport. Yet, be careful meeting with a woman for the first time on the neutral territory.

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