A run of bad luck.

A_RUNSome scammers are truly inventive in different hardships happening in their life. Among the most widespread are being fired for an awful boss who tried to make love to her and she refused, or being robbed in the evening because there was no one by her side to protect her, and now she has no money for living, or even robbery or fire I her flat with loss of everything she had. When you read something like that you will surely want to help a poor girl and give her at least some money to keep on living after such hardships. In most cases scammers don’t disappear from the site after this, and they keep on communicating with her to tell you even more heart-rending story in the nearest future.


As it was already said, Slavic women are very proud and can withstand any difficulty. Such lady will not ask for your money even if something like this happens. So don’t believe such stories. Moreover, each person has a social circle and relatives who can help even better than you.

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