Getting sick scenario.

This one is also very popular. Who of us doesn’t get ill? At the beginning everything seems to be fine. You communicate, she shows interest to you, and you feel that she is really wonderful and everything you dreamed of. But suddenly something awful happens. She writes you that one of her relatives/brother/grandmother/dog/she herself got very-very ill, and she immediately needs a big sum of money on operation or very expensive medicine. And you are the only one who can save her (someone else’s but very dear for her) life, as she is extremely poor, and was just fired from work etc. But when your heart melts and you help her, she disappears forever.


If this is really the matter of life and death, every person finds the way out and doesn’t rely on others, especially someone whom they have never met in real life. Don’t believe such stories. In addition, Slavic women are very proud and they are used to solving their problems themselves but not to ask for money from everyone around, as this humiliates their dignity.

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