Typical – the most widespread scenario.

A scammer simple leads correspondence, but all letters are general and you can’t get anything personal from them. After some time passing, this scammer starts to ask you for financial aid for different purposes such as Internet, help of translator, courses of English lessons or driving classes, illnesses etc. The unreal “agency” can also get in touch with you and ask for additional payment to help your woman communicate with you. 


If you don’t want to get into such situation, choose only those sites that have certificated translators who by default help ladies to communicate with foreign men. Also remember that on official sites where men pay for communication, women do not have to do this. If a woman keeps on pushing on you, you may offer you a few way outs: of course, Internet cafes are expensive, but local agencies are always ready to provide a lady with a computer for communication, so she wouldn’t have to spend her money. As for the English courses – there is a big variety of free online courses to learning, and they are quite good. Also you may try to use online translators. Of course, the quality of letter will be lower, but they will still be understandable. If a woman blames the agency she stays in for preventing her from communication, you may offer her move to another one. There are always several of them in each city, so ladies do have a choice. Reject all her demands to pay for any course. You should do this only after you meet her face-to-face and really get sure that this is the lady you would like to keep on developing relations with and with whom you will manage to build your destiny and trust her.

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